Ane Kirstine Jessen was an elder sister to my grandfather. She was born in Nordborg, Denmark on August 3, 1863 and baptized in the church of Nordborg on September 6, 1863.

She fell in love with the son of her mother’s cousin Christen Jorgensen, and he was born in Nordborg, Denmark on November 7, 1862. In 1871 he came to America together with his parents Jorgen Petersen Jorgensen and Karen, born Grau, and they settled on a farm in Carlton, Tama County in Iowa.

Ane Kirstine Jessen left Denmark and traveled over to Christen and on August 21, 1884 they got married in Tama County in Iowa.

Ane Kirstine Jessen and Christen Jorgensen had 8 children: Georg W. Jorgensen, Peter Jorgensen, Hans Jorgensen, Cora Jorgensen, Ferdinand Louis Jorgensen, Ella Jorgensen, Anna Jorgensen and Christian Jorgensen.

Georg W. Jorgensen, born June 20, 1886, and dead October 21, 1960. He was married to Marie B. Jessen, who was a daughter of Jessie Christian Jessen and spouse Thora Dorthea Struck. Jessie Jessen was a brother to Anton Christian Jessen, who was married to the sister of Ane Kirstine Jessen, Christine Dorothea Birgitte Jessen. Georg and Marie had no children.

Peter Jorgensen, born November 14, 1887, and dead April 2, 1971. He was married to Mary Uhlenberg, born August 21, 1885, and dead January 26, 1985. They had 2 children: Lorraine Jorgensen, and Arlo Jorgensen.

  1. Lorraine Jorgensen, born March 7, 1916 and married to Max Fitsimmons, born January 29, 1914. They have 2 children: Penny Lou Fitzsimmons, born May 23, 1941 and William Fitzsimmons, born May 25, 1945.
  2. Arlo Jorgensen, born January 19, 1920.

Hans Jorgensen, born September 18, 1890, and dead June 29, 1892.

Cora Jorgensen, born June 14, 1889, and dead February 11, 1975. She was married to Grover Crawford. They had 3 children: Sherman Crawford, Clyde Crawford and Irene Crawford.

  1. Sherman Crawford, born November 10, 1910 and married to Willa Green, born February 15, 1915. They have a daughter Gay Lynette Crawford, to whom I have contact. She lives in Texas.
  2. Clyde Crawford, born April 30, 1912 and married to Kathleen, born October, 15, 1911. They have a son Robert Clyde Crawford, born March 15, 1948.
  3. Irene Crawford, born March 23, 1915 and married to R. E. Waller.

Ferdinand Louis Jorgensen, born June 15, 1892, and dead April 1, 1967. He was married to Cora Helleso, born April 26, 1893, and dead October 29, 1966. They had 2 children: Ellsworth Jorgensen and Mae Jorgensen.

  1. Ellsworth Jorgensen, born December, 29, 1914 and married to Thelma Emerson, born June 27, 1918. They had a son Clyde Allen Jorgensen, born July 20, 1947.
  2. Mae Jorgensen, born June 23, 1917 and married to Merle Princehouse, born June 22, 1912. They have 3 children: Max Wayne Princehouse, born January 18, 1944, Mark Eugene Princehouse, born November 19, 1946 and Merlyn Ray Princehouse, born January 14, 1954.

Ella Jorgensen, born March, 31, 1894. She was never married.

Anna Jorgensen, born May 30, 1896, and dead October 3, 1970. She was never married.

Christian Jorgensen, born June 21, 1898, and dead October 19, 1935

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