Elene Jessen was an elder sister to my grandfather. She was born in Nordborg, Denmark on September 17, 1865 and baptized in the church of Nordborg on October 29, 1865.

She immigrated to USA on June 4, 1892, together with her little son Peter Jessen, and they came together with her sister and brother-on-law Christine Dorothea Birgitte Jessen and Anton Christian Jessen and their 3 children. They all settled in Garwin in Iowa. After that she was named Ellen.

Over there she fell in love with Nis Jensen, who also came from Nordborg, Denmark. He was born on July 23, 1860 as a son of Nis Jensen and Karen Rasmussen, and he was baptized in the church of Nordborg on September 9, 1860. It is not known that time he came to America.

They got married in Toledo Iowa on February 6, 1894.

Nis Jensen died September 21, 1941 in Garwin, Iowa.

Elene Jessen died November 14, 1951 in Garwin and was buried in the Rock Creek cemetery in Iowa.

Elene Jessen and Nis Jensen had 6 children: Peter Jensen, Nis Jensen, Willie Jensen, Cora Jensen, Ella Jensen, Freemont Jensen.

Peter Jensen, born November 14, 1887 in Nordborg, Denmark, and dead February 28, 1960. He was married to Ethel Hightower, born April 8, 1908 and dead February 28, 1981. They have a son Richard Jensen, to whom I have had contact.DescendantsNis Jensen, born December 3, 1895 and dead August 9, 1952. He was married to Louise Uphuff, born May 14, 1901, and dead July 2, 1987. They had 2 children: Melford Jensen and Maxine Jensen.

  1. Melford Jensen, born May 26, 1921 and married to Mary Andersen. They have 4 children: Charles Arthur Jensen, born April 6, 1948. Jenette Jensen, born May 12, 1949. James Lee Jensen, born January 9, 1954, and Craig Ernie Jensen, born September 6, 1960.
  2. Maxine Jensen, born December 31, 1923 and married to Lester Politz. They have a daughter Joan Politz, born January 12, 1944.

Willie Jensen, born November 5, 1896, and dead August 3, 1967. He was never married.

Cora Jensen, born April 3, 1899, and dead December 20, 1989. She was married to Herman Russell Freet, and had a son LaVern Freet, who was killed in an accident. Later on Cora married Jens Marinus Rasmussen, who was a son of Peter and Christina Anderson Rasmussen. He was born February 28, 1886 in Danmark, and dead in 1982 in Gladbrook. Earlier he was married to a cousin of Cora named Ella Jessen, and she was a daughter of Christine Dorothea Birgitte and Anton Christian Jessen. Cora and Jens Marinus had no children.

Ella Jensen, born November 27, 1900, and dead May 1, 1966. She was married to Richard Pierce Freet, born September 29, 1894, and dead September 8, 1972. They had 4 children: Robert Freet, Donald Freet, Jack Freet and Roger Dean Freet.

  1. Robert Freet, born August 17, 1919, and dead March 24, 1980. He was married to Ruby Wilfong.
  2. Donald Freet
  3. Jack Freet, dead in 1935
  4. Roger Dean Freet, born January 25, 1924 and married to Patricia McCown, born January 18, 1923, and dead in September 1988. They have a daughter Suzanne Freet, in Hampton, Nebraska, to whom I have contact.

Freemont Jensen, born November 24, 1902, and dead April 29, 1916.

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