Hans Christian Jessen was the youngest brother to my grandfather Rasmus Peter Jessen. He was born in Nordborg, Denmark on March 28, 1873 and baptized in the church of Nordborg on May 4, 1873.

When he was 14 years old he left Denmark together with his mother, my great grandmother Ellen Jessen, born Samuelsen. It was most certainly in July 1887.

After coming to United States he completed his education and grew to manhood in the Garwin community. February 18, 1901 he was married in Tama County, Iowa to Cora Jensen, born April 15, 1883, and daughter of Andrew and Ellen Jensen.

Hans and Cora always had their home at Garwin with the exception of a short time in Oklahoma. At the age of 53 she died in September 1936. Hans later was married to Aida Clifford, who died in the early 1940's. He retired from farming and moved to Garwin in 1948.

He enlisted in the Army and served with the Iowa 49th Infantry during the Spanish American war.

Hans Christian Jessen died in Veterans hospital in Des Moines in Iowa on July 13, 1963, and he was buried in the Garwin cemetery.

Hans and Cora had only one son Clarence Jessen.

Clarence Jessen, born May 25, 1901 in Garwin, Iowa. He was married August 1, 1922 to Louise Keister, born August 15, 1897 and she died June 6, 1974 in Florida. They had 2 children: Lawrence Jessen and Phyllis Jessen.

  1. Lawrence Jessen, born January 15, 1925 was married to Ruth Stanerson, and they have 5 children: Joan Jessen, Larry Lee Jessen, Stanley Jessen, Terry Jessen and Gail Jessen.
  2. Phyllis Jessen, born September 10, 1926 in Garwin. She was married to James Gross, and they have 2 children: Bill Gross and Cathy Gross.

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