Jorgen Peter Jessen was the oldest brother to my grandfather. He was born in Nordborg, Denmark on October 29, 1857 and baptized at home on November 15, 1857 and the baptism was confirmed in the church of Nordborg on December 20, 1857.

He was married to Anna Skade and she was born in the northern part of Germany January 31, 1859.

They came to Garwin, Iowa in 1891, together with their 3 children Elina Marie Dorthea Jessen, Asmus Peter Jessen and George Peter Jessen, and they settled on a farm near Garwin in Iowa.

Jerry and Anna had a very great sorrow when they lost their two boys Peter and George on July 31, 1899. They both drowned in Iowa River near George Springer Farm when they where bathing in the river.

Jerry’s spouse Anna died on February 20, 1914 and she was buried in the Rock Creek cemetery in Iowa.

Jerry Jessen died on March 31, 1937, and he was also buried in the Rock Creek cemetery in Iowa.

The daughter of Anna and Jerry Jessen, Elina Marie Dorthea Jessen, born June 28, 1879 and dead October 2, 1956 in Marshalltown IA, was married to Georg C. Jensen, born in 1879, and dead in 1956. They had 3 children: Clara Marie Jensen, Hilda Magdaline Jensen and Leonard Ferdinand Jensen.

Clara Marie Jensen, who was born August 4, 1902 and dead May 5, 1939 in Childburth was married to John Uhlenburg, born in November 1889 and dead June 29, 1970. Clara and John had 4 children: Juanita Darlene Uhlenburg, Marcella Anna Elina Uhlenburg, Dorothy Mae Uhlenburg and Paul Ray Uhlenburg.


  1. Juanita Darlene Uhlenburg, born June 16, 1923 and married to Lyle Hickman. They have 3 children: Arlon Frank Uhlenburg Hickman, born October 12, 1947 and married to Linda Matherly. Kayrene Marie Uhlenburg Hickman, born January 23, 1949 and married to Donald Baie. Charlett Darlene Hickman, born February 8, 1952 and married to Donald Grimm.
  2. Marcella Anna Elina Uhlenburg, born June 28, 1926 and married to Kenneth Murty. They have 2 children: John Murty, born May 11, 1948 and married to Karen Husak. Diane Murty, born March 19, 1956 and married to Vallie Saunders.
  3. Dorothy Mae Uhlenburg, born October 17, 1936 and married to Emil Husak They have 4 children: Michael Dean Husak, born March 28, 1956 married to Lea Ann Prusha. Dennis Lee Husak, born May 7, 1957. Janice Marie Husak, born December 24, 1959. Laurie Mae Husak, born May 12, 1964.
  4. Paul Ray Uhlenburg, born April 29, 1939 and married to Benita Collins. They have 2 children: Kevin Uhlenburg, born August 11, 1969 and Kris Ann Uhlenburg, born November 17, 1972.

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